Why Students Fail in Exams?

I have tried my level best to throw a little light upon the aspect that why students use to fail in the exams and I have put some specific reasons and a bit of their solution.

Basically students come to the school to learn about the basic characters and good habits and to know all the necessary points to have a happy, successful life. But often we think that students come to the school or college or any institution to pass the exam, and the teachers are there to prepare the pupils for these exams. This is not wrong at all, because through these exams, we prepare students to deal with the incoming threats and challenges of life. This is all, we teach them or they learn from us. So, it’s necessary for the students to pass in the exams. But in each and every institution, we see and notice, the result is not 100%, it means not all the students are passed. In short, there may be different numbers of the passed or failures students in different times or places. Similarly, there may various reasons for the failures students. Some are the following:

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  1. Students couldn’t concentrate because of some reasons.
  2. Student didn’t prepare the exam.
  3. Exam question was confusing, the student couldn’t follow it.
  4. Exam was not related to the given knowledge.
  5. Exam time was short.
  6. Student lacks the knowledge.


First of all we will check the number of the failing student. If only a few students are fail then there the fault of their own and there may be the first two reasons. Rather the student couldn’t concentrate due so some anxiety, illness or any other disturbance. Now the class teacher should try to find, where the problem Exist. In this case he/she should do his best to help his pupil to overcome the problem. May be there just a minimum important factor that can only be solved by a fruitful discussion with the student.

If, maximum student fail to attempt the exam then we should concentrate on the last four reasons.  In case of reason no. 3, you should try to give the sample question, the inner vision to the student to understand the question well and try to make the facility in the examination hall to read or discuss the question for better understanding. You may also provide the previous question papers to the students to be familiar with the question type or understanding.

If, exam was not related to the given knowledge, then concentrate on your lectures, syllabus and compare it thoroughly with the exam question. Next time, taught the students according to their all needs along with the exam needs or make the exam question according to the syllabus you have taught.

There may also be the short time reason. If, this one is, then it’s means your exam question was lengthy. It’s a very big fault in the exam paper. So try to compete it for the next time by comparing the length of the answer of your question, student’s level and ability and the time you have give to solve the exam.

Finally, if student fails due to his low level of knowledge or lack of knowledge, it may leads towards

  • His own negligence in the classroom during the lecture,
  • Teachers fault to deficiency in conveying his lecture in better way.

So, try to redeliver the lecture to overcome the previous problems. Actually this is a wide topic and obviously there may exist several other problems, reasons and solutions but, I hope it will give you some basic knowledge or help you in competing with these problems.

Teaching Tactics

Teaching Tips:

In a class sometimes a teacher becomes nervous due to some specific situation, number of students, age of students, behavior of students, his own low confidence or any other weaknesses. Today we’ll discuss some general problems and will provide you some useful tips to cope with these problems. These tips are as a guide especially for new/young teachers. The guidelines are as follow:

Be Positive:

First thing that a teacher requires must is his/her positive thinking and behavior. Don’t think what strange has happened with you, just take it normal, simple and easy, whatever the situation you have to face. Think positive and do positive. Try to be humble and confident, if not, just pretend as you are so positive, humble or confident. When you are angry with a student, want to punish him/her use only respectable and positive words and pretend to have cool temperament.

For example, you are presenting in the class and ask something about the topic, you should say, (Who can tell me about this?) Instead of (Not a single person among you can give me the answer?)

Or if a student gives all the answer s and does not provide a chance to the other students, then doesn’t shout at him/her, take it positive and say, (I appreciate your interest or preparation, can any other student want to share him/her knowledge or experience in this regard? ) So be positive this is a readymade solution to every problem.

Do Before time:

Always prepare yourself completely before time. Like, you have to present in the class, next day. So prepare your topic today revise it and practice it as you are in front of the class, or practice it before the mirror. You can also make practice by your mobile record and resolve the weaknesses by playing the recorded action. So that you can be confident and perfect in class tomorrow.

If you have to use some technology or kind of new technology, check it before use. If you have to perform an experiment, try to perform it as a practice, so that you can cover the mistakes in real performance.

Be Relaxed:

Try to wear comfortable dress. If, for any reason, you can’t present correctly in the class or forget some point/s of the lecture or feel dryness in your throat because of nervousness or long term speaking, don’t be anxious, try to be relax for some minutes, have a long breath, drink water or some drops of water, take a round of the rows of the students in the class, have a glance on your notes, and do every thing you can do there for a while to relax yourself. Then restart after some relaxation.

Multimedia Presentations Trainging for Kids

Often we observe that mother, or any elder personality in the home is unhappy or tens to see his/her children in front of the T.V, computer or any electronic game or cartoon film. Don’t be worry to see this, just be happy to know about the worth of these movies, films, cartoons or animations, slides, etc., when we use all or one of them in their studies, because children are most modern. They are the young ones of the new age.

Now this is the world of computer and new technology.  Technology is for our ease and comfort. So teachers also use new technology in different ways to teach their students. Use of computer and other technology tricks to teach kids is best way of exposing them not only their learning material, but also the mode world of new tech, because kids of this era are more interested in that types of study materials.  Today we‘ll go through some of the helping techniques for teacher’s multimedia presentations. A teacher can use

Google sites: Where you can create and share different types of WebPages free from any cost.

Animation:      Kids are most enjoying with animations. So a teacher can easily teach the difficult aspect of his/her teaching material to the innocent children by use of animations in the presentations.

School Film Club:         Use of videos and films and preparation of class or school videos is really very charming and attractive in the boring topics of learning.

Podcasting:      It’s a better way for teachers to share his/her work with the immense students.

Slides:                A teacher can make a story and its parts by the use of slides of Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s just like the written animated pages with different styles and designs rather as a slide show on the computer. You can privilege text, pictures, animation, effects and sounds through it.

Scratches:         It’s an opportunity to create stories, games and animations and share these with others. It can be done not only by teachers to teach with ease and expertise but by the student itself.

The most important thing in the use of multimedia presentations is programming, planning, processing, revising and performing. First of all decide the program you want to use for the assistance of your teaching program. For instance, you want to make a film of the lessen, an animated story, a designed slide or something else. Then make a plane how, when and where, you will prepare that presentation, when it has been prepared, practice it at home, try to remove all the mistakes or omissions, revise it before performing and perform it with full confidence.

How to Prepare Syllabus

Best way to Create Syllabus for your students of certain classes.

A syllabus is the list of the topics, chapters or parts of chapters that should be covered (taught) in a specific (given) time period. It may be called as an agreement involving the teachers, students mainly and parents and tutors too. A syllabus helps directly a teacher in his coming activities. It guides him to

  • What he should do?
  • When he should do?
  • How he should do?


  • Where he should do?

By a syllabus outline the teacher prepares and evaluates himself. Also the students are also be aware of

  • What they have been done?
  • What they are going to seek?
  • When they will be taught?
  • How they will be taught?
  • What will be the easy and tough points of their learning process or courses?
  • How they can learn better?

Syllabus should be create on the first day of the class or perhaps early to the first day of a class. So that it may be clear to the teacher and student that it’s necessary to be regular and in time to go with the syllabus successfully. A syllabus should represent all the topics or chapters names and numbers to which the topics are concerned. The appropriate time at which a topic should be taught. The total time period to cover the whole syllabus. Pre-requisites like audio visual aids and other helping requirements. Evaluation practice and the given time for it should also be mentioned in the syllabus. And all other points that are necessary to be noticed. Moreover, whether its hand written or typed by a machine, it should be really vey neat, clean, topical, obvious and charming. You can use some sober tactics to design the syllabus like some graphics, painting, and pictures of related topics, flowers and colors to make it pretty nice.

Student Assessment Guide

Teacher teaches to trained students according to the required purposes. Just to teach the student is net a complete duty. To know, how much you are successful to get the purposes is the most significant and compulsory part of your duty. This is called assessment. It’s the evaluation of your methods of teaching, the curriculum and also the understanding of the students. So, you can use various kinds of assessment methods on the class to judge weather you and your students are going in right direction. Some of these methods are:

Self Awareness

Self assessment is to judge you by taking a review of yourself after an activity. For example after giving a lecture to the class you can point out about the pitfalls you make. For this purpose, a teacher can just think about his/her previous lecture, can record the lecture to find out mistakes afterward. A student can also make self assessment, by thinking if the activity he has done was perfect or not? Is the lecture he has heard understood to him? It’s difficult to some extent for student. In this regard teacher creates the environment and ability in the student by provoking the inner feelings to learn better, so that he/she can judge the understanding well.


Discussion, meeting or conference is a good job to assess the work done. It can be held between teacher and student, teacher and parents, teacher and teacher to evaluate the work of teacher, student, parents, and the usefulness of curriculum and the approaches by discussing or reviewing.

Question Answer

Questioning is one of the direct methods of evaluation. For example, a teacher ask some simple question before the lecture to know the previous knowledge of the student, in the middle of the lecture to judge the strength/usefulness of his/her method and the student’s understanding and after the lecture to know what knowledge they have gain or to how extent he/she can deliver it successfully.

Students can also make question to improve their knowledge. Their ability to ask question should be enhances by encouraging them so that they can learn better, this would also help teacher to judge him/her.


Often we believe the events more we hear or see ourselves; because these are the senses about that we have great confidence. So a teacher can observe the students generally or at once during any activity. This will give a strong proof to judge the fruitfulness of the activity.

Different types of tasks

Teacher can evaluate all that through different activities, programs, games, test written or oral, individually or by grouping. These tasks should be interesting in nature for the students and teacher also, and should be directly or indirectly related to their learning. For example the written test should be comprises of a variety of attractive ways of judgment like, multiple choice questions, true false, etc.  Use bold writing and bright papers for written tests. Prepare the task in the most charming and easy way. Reading activities.

How to Train Rainbow Children

Rainbow child comes at level three in the evolutionary stares and are as beautiful and un-courageous as a rainbow can be. Young adult crystal children are their parents and search has reveal that rainbow children are few in number but are so significant because of their brighten characteristics, that are narrated below:

  • Rainbow children do not scare of any body or any circumstances.
  • They are powerful just like a rainbow.
  • They heal up and enrich our earth with their gentle traits.
  • They are the beauty of the world.
  • They are so active and energetic.
  • A rainbow child likes to give others.
  • Rainbow child likes to forgive also.
  • Have good spiritual habits
  • Spread virtue on earth.
  • A symbol of peace for the whole world.
  • Have strong will power.
  • Like bright colors and colorful environment.

Rainbow children are really a beauty for us in the world. Teachers have not to struggle so strongly to polish them as they are already polished ones. They are a cause of peace and calm for their parents also.

Understanding Crystal Children

Children are the beauty of this world. Sometimes, I think the world would be so boring if would lack children. All children have some special kind of traits. Among the four types of children, indigo, crystal, rainbow and star, crystal children come at the second level.  These happened to be appear from early 1990-2010. These types of children have the following characteristics as compared to the other three types of babies.

The first main thing that has been observed by many of the experts is the size and nature of heir eyes. Crystal children’s eyes are generally large in size, and the special thing is staring, it seems that they are staring you and then can know about you in depth, about your inner feelings. It’s so amazing and interesting too.
The other special character they possess is their love for others. A crystal child has the forgiving nature and remains calm. It shows they are for the peace of the beautiful world.

  • They are delightful and basically happy children.
  • Like music.
  • Remain late in starting talking during their growth.
  • Often sing in the very beginning stage of talking.
  • Feel no fear or hesitation at a large platform.
  • Love the world, human beings and animals.
  • Deeply interested in stones, crystal and others.
  • Finally have love and spread love through their whole life.

How to treat Indigo Children

  1. About Indigo Children

Indigo or aqua children as discussed early are so intelligent and as gifted children. Now we will know about the traits of the children in depth, and try to set some lines to treat or teach them in better way.

Traits of the Indigo Children

Indigo Children are considered as a promoting step in human evolution. So, these have some special characteristics/abilities like,

  • So intelligent
  • Are here to teach us
  • Have special psychic abilities
  • Become bore with a given task
  • Feels difficulty to follow queue
  • Wants extra care and love
  • Have special thinking power
  • Often think in night at the time of peace and calm
  • Resistant in obeying discipline

How to treat Indigo Children

As we know these are special children, with some special traits, demanding some special care. Indigo children want more love and attention.  They have extra abilities of mind specially and ultimately of body. So you should use techniques to use these energies of mind and body for positive activities and for the benefit of mankind. For example, you can teach an indigo child how to pick up some plates from the table to the kitchen. If during some games or playing activities, some water has fallen on the floor by mistake, not to punish the child, just teach him/her how to take the dirty cloth and how to clean the water from the floor.

If he/she is angry try to treat with love or leave him alone and observe him. When he is at calm, try to understand his problem by discussing with him, what he had done at the time of anger. Try to make him cool with love and respect and you will see definitely an amazing result.


Different Personalities of Children

The different types of creations provides a huge sense of beauty to the world.Man is the most wise creation of the world with the unique qualities of wisdom and tongue, which other creation lack. The Different personalities of people provides another way of thinking about the greatness of Allah Almighty.This difference in the personality begums to appear in the very young age of the children.So today we will discuss about some personality habits of the children and the better way of treating them.

Different children show different patrons of personalities and habits. In a class of children of the same ages, a teacher finds variety of habitual patterns even they have the same ages.So, this creates some kind of difficulty for teacher in teaching, treating and guiding them.It’s very necessary for a teacher to have some knowledge of the children’s personalities. Experts normally divides the different personalty patterns into the following four:

  • Crystal
  • Rainbow, and
  • Star children

All these have various types of habits differing from each other.For example:

Aqua students are the gifted children also also called the indigo children.They are so creative, sharp minded and encourage that they do what the want to do, how much it will be dangerous.

Crystal children are the calm and peaceful children having their own world. They pertain to to be as someone is, like girls in young age pertain to cook as their mothers cook, or teach as their teachers teach, or talk as their sisters talks, and so on.

So a teacher should be well aware of these personalities and their habits so that he/she can perform his duty in the real sense.